Popularity of Mobile Search and Other Importance of Local SEO

Local SEO has become more paramount as far as search engine optimization is concerned, that is owing to the fact that more and more people who do local searches use their smartphones. I know you are wondering why I am bringing the issue of the smartphone here, OK, let me just simplify the matter further afield, smartphone technology makes it easier to use internet since many users can do their searches while moving.


It is easy and convenient since you can access the information on your smartphone gadget anywhere you are conveniently, the concept of local searches has also gained popularity with search engines lately. Google’s and other search engines are making it easy for users to get the local search results where they are.

Let’s see a quick peek of why local search engine optimization is essential for every business:

1) Awareness about Your Presence

Your local audience and prospective customers can’t know about your existence not unless you tell them that you are present. So first and foremost, the local optimization is essential since it informs your local fans, customers, and audience that you actually exist within their local reaches. Sometimes, your prospective customers have been reading about your services or similar products/services from far. But if they are aware of an existence of your services/product, then they can as well reach you physically in their neighborhood.

2) Local Prospective Customers Search Online

Many local prospective customers do their searching online; they might be seeing your premises or seeing some glimpse about your existence. But since they search online whenever they need similar products or services, they might not come to you not unless you have done proper local optimization work. In other words they will surpass you existence and search for locally listed businesses instead, doing local search engine optimization will help them land on your pages and eventually bring you targeted traffic. If you are selling products that are sought for locally, then you will start having good sales.

3) Targeting Local Online Search

Only people who are searching for products or services locally will see about your presence, I mean to say that your ads and budget is not wasted by optimizing where you gain nothing. Your posts and optimization will go to the right people who are looking for your services or products locally, so there is no time and money wastage here. It provides you with opportunity of reaching targeted people in your locality; hence, there is no wasted time and dollars at whatsoever the cost.

4) High Online Conversion Rate

If you are posting directly to targeted local prospective customers, it means that many local customers will have an easy chance of getting access to what you are showcasing or advertising. Local SEO is so rampant with opportunity to convert, every two people who happen to see your ads, one is likely to buy your products or services. It is a known fact that local market has a conversion rate of 50% or more, it’s a market segment you don’t want to miss out.

5) Popularity of Mobile Search

Mobile search as we have already discussed above is growing rapidly, many local people are nowadays using their smartphones to search for local information. If they want to locate a local business say a cafe or a popular restaurant, they simply go to their mobile devices for searching. It means if your business is not properly optimized locally then you will be missing prospective customers, if your presence isn’t strong online, all locals who are searching for your products/services online will not see you.

Local SEO is very essential if you are keen in capturing your local market, reaching local customers is much easier and convenient since they are within the reach. Local optimization is characterized by a high online conversion rate than any other type of SEO you can ever do if you have a local business.

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Case Study #1 – A Barbershop creating their web presence

One example of a barbershop utlising their web presence is iBarber. They are utlising social media, content marketing, and email marketing as their mediums. Take their online presence as an example of what you should do!

You probably understand what to expect from the average hair salon. You see them everywhere, the inexpensive salons that allow you to check in online to save time. You can have your hair cut, colored, and or styled. But what makes them different than a Modern Barber shop? Unless you frequent a real barber, you probably don’t understand. Well, for those of you who aren’t barber shop patrons, here’s what makes a barber shop unique.

Brisbane Barbershops

So what sets the shop apart, other than its focus on catering to men? The services and products are vastly different than a quick-cuts salon. To begin with, consider the barber himself. The barber is a man/female who is trained to uses razors of all shapes and sizes to trim and sculpt a man’s hair (facial or otherwise) into any style he wants. The barbers are knowledgeable about today’s styles and can create them with ease. You might find it odd to think an old barber is going to understand modern trends, but in reality the barber is the person who helps create those trends.

Besides cutting and styling a man’s hair into any shape and form imaginable, a he can also provide a man with a traditional shave. There aren’t any electric razors and cans of aerosol shave cream in this type of a shave. Rather, he is an expert with a straight razor and can give any man the closest, most luxurious (and frightening) shave imaginable.

And lastly, he is going to carry all the products a man could dream of for his shaving needs. Lathers, balms, lotions, blades, colognes, and brushes are just a few of the things you can find in the barber’s shop (other than men chewing the fat, of course). Are you curious to see what a Freehold the shop is really like? Then go and see for yourself. Whether you need your unruly beard shaved off, or you want your hair styled for your big interview, the shop is going to help you look your best. So the next time you need your hair cut, styled, trimmed, or shaved, visit a BARBER and see how great the experience can be.

You can check out iBarber which is a Brisbane barbershop with 8 locations across Australia!

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How To Build An Online Store

Online shopping is very common in the modern days. It allows consumers to buy goods and services directly from a seller through the use of the internet. It is very easy to set up an online store as compared to setting a physical store. You are not required to pay any rent and you get a chance of reaching many customers. If you’re looking to start an online store now, please check out DatIncome‘s intake on it starting an online store for less than $100!

If you want to build an online store that is successful, it is important to have a good plan of the products that you want to sell, have effective marketing strategy and come up with a website that is user- friendly. This will make your online store convenient and very easy to operate. There are so many benefits that you will get when you build an online store. Some of the benefits include;

  • Reaching many customers
  • The store is open 24/7
  • It is cost effective
  • Very convenient
  • It is flexible
  • It is quick to start up

How to build an online store

Develop a business plan and the products you want to sell

It is very important to have a business plan before you open your online store. A business plan will greatly help you set up a successful online store. You will be in a position to identify the costs operation and the development of an effective marketing strategy that will help you market your products online.

You also have a great product that you want to sell online. Not all products will do well online and this requires you to make a good decision. If you are creating the product yourself, you should be in a position to keep up with the demand and satisfy the customers effectively.

This will greatly help you run your online store and get more profits. Other important things that you should consider when selecting a product include shipping, specialization or deal with variety and whether you will offer products or services among others.


Domain registration

When choosing a domain name, it is important to choose a name that is catchy, short and one that is easy to remember. There are different names that you can select from your domain registration company and you also get suggestions if the name you have chosen is already taken.

Be creative in order to come up with a name that is unique and satisfies you. If you already have an existing domain name, it can be configured or you can choose to buy one from domain registration companies.


Select a web hosting service

It is important to have great services for your website. Your website is very important for the success of your online store. The right choice of web hosting service helps you to customize your website if you want to do your own programming.

Website hosting services are either free or you can for them, it is important to use services that are paid for and offers you with the options that you require. This is important for your business since you are selling your products online. Effective ecommerce web hosting helps you expand your online business.


Design your website

You can hire website designers to help you design your website effectively. Choose a few cool colors and make the website straight forward since this will greatly help when it comes to online shopping. The customers should make their purchase with ease and this brings about efficiency.


Selection of ecommerce platforms

You can choose between paid and free ecommerce platforms. There are different packages that you can choose which are packed with great features. There are different ecommerce payment platforms that you can choose which includes adyen, stripe, obopay and payza just to mention a few.


The cost of building an online store and effective marketing tools to adopt


There are several factors that determine the cost of building an online store. You have to consider the cost of web hosting and all the necessary tools that you will require in running your online store. You need to have financial outlay that will cater for different services such as hiring a website designer and purchasing a domain name.

For the business to be successful you must adopt the right marketing strategies that will help you get more customers. You should make use of email marketing and the use of search engine optimization to put your business to the next level. There are other marketing tools that you can adopt to effectively market your business online.

If you’re looking happy to start an online store now, please check out an article a friend has written which entails a case study on starting an online store for less than $100!

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Why you need a mobile optimised website

Smart mobile devices are taking over the world. Every year the number of users connected to the internet via smart mobile devices increases. It is estimated that three out of five people have smart mobile devices. This exponential twist of the way people access the internet is a fact that businesses have to be aware of when designing their websites. It is now more important than ever for businesses to get their websites optimized for mobile devices. Google recently announced that it would be releasing a mobile friendly algorithm that will see more timely and relevant results for particular smart mobile devices.

What does it mean to be mobile friendly?

Essentially mobile friendly websites enhance website viewership for small screen devices. Typically, websites are designed for large screens like desktop and laptops. This presents a problem for small screens. An attempt to view such a website on a mobile device, for lack of a better term, is ugly, and unattractive to the eye. You will be presented with an overlapping layout, unorganised elements that look to be thrown all over the place. For potential customers, a second visit to such a website is near impossible if not impossible. A mobile friendly website on the other hand, has a clean layout optimised for such small screens. Potential customers are graced with a beautiful organised view. A mobile friendly website is often said to be responsive since it can be viewed on both large screens and small screens.

What are the benefits of having a mobile friendly website?

The most obvious benefit is user experience. Customers will no longer be served with jumbled unorganised trash, but with well-designed eye-catching layout that will increase customer retention. If a visitor is not able to read the content of a website from a smart mobile device, he or she will be less thrilled. Independent research reports indicate that sixty percent of visitors who have experienced problems with unresponsive websites have abandoned the websites.

Businesses with mobile friendly websites are able to attain high SEO ranking. For any businesses, this is a competitive edge over your competitors. In recent times, Google has pushed for more responsive design of websites. Websites that luck elements of being mobile friendly are often ranked poorly in search results and this is very bad for business.

Time is money, and as cliché as it may sound, time wasted is never recovered. When a website takes forever to load, it presents a huge problem business-wise. Such is the case for websites that are not optimized for mobile devices. A mobile friendly website will more often load very fast because the structuring code is compatible with mobile devices. If a potential customers has to wait more than ten seconds to view the content on your website, you have most definitely lost that customer.

The first impression counts and there is no second chance for a first impression. If a visitor to a website it unable to navigate your website, chances are that the visitor will not be back. Mobile friendly websites present a smooth experience for visitors. Within a short time, they are able to complete their desired task. Unresponsive websites are very hard to navigate and often annoyingly confusing.

What does a business stand to lose?

Businesses with mobile unfriendly websites have very high chances of zero customer conversion. This evidently translates to no business. Many customers are now using mobile devices to connect to the internet, thus a huge need to have mobile friendly websites.

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Flat design style modern vector illustration concept of programmer or coder workflow for website coding and html programming of web application. Isolated on stylish colored background.

Best SEO techniques For 2015

Search Engine Optimization is a great strategy to promote your products online. A search engine like Google has a greater number of search queries everyday, and you can get a lot from it. But tell me one thing that why only Google? Why not Yahoo and Bing? Yes, it’s true that every webmaster wants to get top position in Google but do you know why? It’s just because Google has more than 80% of search inquiry business sector and it can bring you a large number of exceedingly focused on clients ordinary yet the thing is you are running with Google rule which plainly implies that your need to receive white-cap SEO procedures.

Seo is an every now and again evolving field, and it is possible that you have to change your procedures of SEO or you have to add new strategies. June is almost finished, and I guess now we have to prepare for next year I mean for 2015. So today I’m going to explain you some Best SEO techniques for 2015. So let’s start below.

On Page SEO Strategies for 2015

On the page, SEO is the first imperative thing in case we’re wanting to begin SEO crusade. Google Panda calculation made it mandatory.Your site must have a great On page SEO structure to get a good rank in SERP (search engine result pages).
1. On the page, SEO is what we need to do on our site. We need to place our targeted keywords on best places on our website like Title, Description and in between content. We can use Google keyword planner to get keyword ideas for our website.
2. The second most vital thing is to make our site’s substance so amicable which implies we need to make our substance free from all mistakes like syntactic slip-ups, verb and spell errors. Your content must be informative and useful for others. And at last we need to add our targeted keywords in between content to make it more searchable through search engines. Always maintain a proper keyword density which means we need to add up to three keywords per hundred-word article.
3. And at last we need to improve length of our articles at our website. According to Google and other major search engines a subject can be easily explained in 450 words but the longer length is better, but it must not be more than 3000 words. According to me our articles must have at least 650 words so that it can easily get indexed in search engines.


At the last of this article, I can only say that improve your site’s On page SEO structure so that search engines will fall in love with it.

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Social Media Marketing Flat Illustration

Mistakes Businesses Make When Using Social Media

Today’s business surroundings, media, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and so on permit organisations to stay joined with individuals and brands at the velocity of light. This implies that connections are framed quicker than at any other time in recent memory before which empower access to new business opportunities.
Little to average sized organisations comprehend that social media is imperative however they commit social media mistakes in adding to a procedure. If you’re looking for a way to improve your social media presence, check out datincome‘s post about it!

The following are 5 mistakes that organisations make when marking themselves.

1. No Social Media Plan

Social media detracts away profitable time and assets from working a business. To abstain from taking too much time and profitable assets, put a social media methodology showcasing arrangement. You need to ask yourself what you plan to accomplish from social media? What are your objectives? How regularly do you anticipate upgrading and measure of time you plan to give on redesigning your social media profile? What manifestations of social media do you anticipate utilizing (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and so forth?) Once you have an arrangement set up it will be less demanding to accomplishing your arranged results.

2. Too Much Too Soon

In the wake of securing an arrangement set up, the entrepreneur will have a tendency to bounce in head first into social media. This can be an immoderate social media mistakes on the grounds that it is anything but difficult to be overpowered. Do some examination, as expressed above, what social media destinations you need to utilize furthermore what your rivals are utilizing. Beginning on a stage the entrepreneur is acquainted with will be a decent beginning stage.

3. Not Measuring Your Success and ROI

A business has restricted time and assets so it is vital to quantify each part of your business and make sure it is justified regardless of the time and asset speculation. Screen the amount of time and assets are spent against potential leads and deals. Is the ROI worth the venture? By utilising investigation, the proprietor can see what is viably living up to expectations and uproot endeavours that are not giving back your ventures is time and assets.

4. Underutilising Social Platforms for Branding

Social media stages offer numerous fields to be entered for your business. Numerous little entrepreneurs leave these fields clear. This is an enormous error. Your organisation data ought to be put in these fields (e.g. logo,organisation information, pictures, features, and so forth.). These are all business devices to provoke an enthusiasm from potential customers to your business.

5. Promoting Without Listening or Engaging

Listen to what others are stating and take part in important discussion. In the event that you participate in social media and always discuss your business and what it can manage without connecting with others, your message will fall level. In the event that somebody makes an inquiry, verify you react in an opportune way and offer exhortation regardless of the possibility that it will point in another bearing. Your validity stock will certainly rise and be seen as the go to individual.

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